Camera Craft has a fully equipped studio with all the contemporary gizmos for high end and high resolution still and motion photography. It has a team of photographers each having expertise of his own. The photographers are assisted by a support staff of visualizes, stylists, light men, etc.


Product Photography- Bath fittings, Kitchenware, White Goods and Appliances, Jewelry & Accessories, Food, Footwear, Fashion & Apparel, etc.
Photography for Exhibitions, Road Shows, Events, etc.
Industrial Photography- Industrial Units, Factories, Plant & Machinery, Production Processes, etc.
Photography for Company profile, annual reports, website, product & service literature, fairs & exhibitions, calendars, etc.
E-commerce Photography- Camera Craft has the necessary resources and expertise to service the high volume & speedy requirements of E-commerce companies round the clock. It is capable of undertaking large photography assignments without compromising on time lines.
Campaign photography- Team Camera Craft and its crew also undertake assignments of other ad agencies for shooting their print, TV and social media advertising campaigns.

Product Photography

Product photography is the forte of Camera Craft & its claim to fame. In the recent years, it has produced some outstanding work in this area.

  • Bathroom fittings
  • Kitchenware
  • Modular Kitchens
  • Furniture & Interiors
  • Jewellery & Accessories (with jewellery designers)
  • Footwear
  • Automobiles
  • Electronic Goods
  • Appliances and more

Pictures are finished and spruced up using the latest technology as per the requirement.

Apparel & Fashion

Apparel & Fashion photography is yet strength of Camera Craft. It has a team of fashion co-ordinators, fashion stylists, hair & make-up artists, props and accessory specialists and designers to execute the shoot. Fashion photography is an elaborate affair and requires a lot of imagination, finesse and nuanced approach.

Camera Craft has a large pool of talented and promising male and female models. It also utilizes the services of best model coordinators (from Mumbai & Delhi) as per its exact requirement .


Food & Beverages

If you can make it look yummy, it will taste yummy- is a simple dictum at the heart of great food and beverage photography. Team Camera Craft understands the subtle nuances of Food & Beverages photography.

It outsources chefs and food stylists for such shoots. Light effects play a crucial role in these shoots along with other props like plating and accessories

Jewelry, Artificial Jewelry & Accessories

Jewelry can be shot both table top and with models depending on the purpose for what it is being used.

A typical jewelry catalogue is interspersed with table top shots and models. Studio Camera Craft uses the services of jewelry and fashion coordinators for such assignments and presents your jewelry in a light never seen before!

Corporate Photography

Corporate photography has as many facets as its requirements- Company Profile, Annual Report, Calendar, Interior Displays and Billboards, Exhibitions & Trade Fairs, Annual Events, Motivational Programs, Product Launches, Road Shows, etc.

You can simply trust Studio Camera Craft to up its ante and deliver the best.

Industrial Photography

Industrial Photography requires humongous efforts, logistic support and an excellent skill set.

Camera Craft has executed many an industrial photography assignments with aplomb. Included in these assignments are plants and machinery, factories, giant equipment, manufacturing/production processes, industrial complexes, etc

E-commerce Photography

E-commerce Photography encompasses utilization of multiple resources and skills-man power, props, different experts, technical knowhow, transportation, 24×7 time management, man power management, etc.

Camera Craft is fully capable of handling such assignments as per your exact requirements and expectations.

Ad Campaign Photography

Ad campaign photography is all about finding method in the madness. Camera Craft has done many ad campaign shoots for its clients and also for other leading ad agencies.

All ad campaigns are managed and executed in a comprehensive manner without compromising on the creative elements.

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