Digital Space

Digital Space is where the world is converging. It is like one sight, one sound and one sell. It is in this space that one can reach out to one’s target audience individually and ring his/her door bell without actually doing it. Internet is inter-connect, intra-connect and much more than that. 

Team Camera Craft likes to believe that the digital initiative should be customized and strategized strictly and thoughtfully as per the needs and requirements of its clients. Not everything is meant for everybody. Having understood that, it is easier to harness and leverage the true potential of the digital space to one’s advantage.



Website design, up gradation & maintenance
Social Media Campaigns
Online Advertising & Promotion Campaigns
Videos and Graphics for social media
E-mailers & Web Banners
Power Point Presentations for corporates and Multi-media CD Presentations
Videos and Surrogate Advertising Templates for Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook
Product launch and other Videos for Whatsapp & facebook
Integrated online promotion modules
Consulting for effective and result oriented presence on social media platforms.

Website Designing

Camera Craft has set up a separate division to service its clients in digital front. It has a team of designers and website developers to create spectacular websites with solid visual appeal. Static & dynamic Websites that are user friendly and are easy to navigate.

It also redesigns, upgrades and maintain them for its clients. It also promotes them through SEO.

Social Media Campaigns, Accounts & Management 

Camera Craft deploys a dedicated team to manage and run social media accounts of its clients. It activates and manages a friendly interface with customers of its clients. 

In short, Camera Craft can manage and maintain your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and help you stay in touch with your customers on one to one basis. Depending on the kind of product you sell or the service you provide, Camera craft will use social media tools to enlarge your reach and increase your customer base through online advertising, promotions, e-mailers etc.

It will provide you data based feedback from your customers about your product/service.

On-line Promotion Campaigns

On-line Promotion Campaign is a very solid tool to reach out to your customers in a result oriented manner.

They come handy during festival season and other special occasions (sale, sports events, etc.). Camera Craft can design and execute such campaigns for you.

Social Media Videos & Content Based Films

Camera Craft also produces videos for Youtube. This is a kind of cleverly done surrogate advertising.

Such videos have a subterranean message about your product or service. An interesting story/script has your message between the lines. 

It also makes videos about CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiatives of its clients.

Web Banners

Camera Craft also designs and develops innovative web banners using great graphics and animation.

Web Banners are extremely effective to enhance recall value of the product or service.

Whatsapp & Instagram Videos

A smart, clever and well liked product/service video can run riot on Whatsapp or Instagram platforms by its phenomenal reach. It has to be short and sweet.

Camera Craft can produce such content based videos for you and promote them and eventually they will promote themselves..

Product Launch Videos

Whats App is an ideal platform for short and crisp product launch videos. Team Camera Craft can produce such a cost effective video for your product and launch your product in the region of your choice.


Old school you will say. But it still holds its ground. Nicely designed, written and titled e-mailers can be very effective in influencing your target customer and carry that personalised touch.

Camera Craft can just do that for you and even send the mailers to tour customers and save you the trouble. It has thousands of templates for you to choose from. 

Digital Service Packages

Camera Craft offers you a range of Digital Service Packages to register, maintain and enhance your presence in digital space. These packages are offered in various price points depending on your requirement. 

The top end package covers just about everything that you will ever want from digital space. Website design & maintenance, social media account management, web promotions, feedback generation, etc. 


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